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Welcome to Designs by Vegas, your creative haven curated by Zoey, an experienced illustrator, designer, and cartoonist with over 30 years of graphic design expertise. Set against the backdrop of sunny California, Zoey's playful and whimsical style shines through in a diverse range of creations, from stickers and invitations to personalized artwork and short animations. Embracing the digital realm with tools like Photoshop and Illustrator, Zoey is on a mission to use her art to make a positive impact on the world. Escape the ordinary and explore the unique world of Designs by Vegas, where creativity knows no bounds.

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The Awoo-woos are every little pups happy noises they make when they see their human walk through the door when they come home, or just a happy noise they make when they're extra happy.  Come and check out our Bow Wow Stuff with these pups.

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These delightful tasty treats are about six crazy cupcakes that escaped the kitchen after being baked and frosted.  They're on their own adventure to spread sweetness across the land! Saved by Sprinkles is always trying to make people happy with sprinkles - sprinkles that also make him happy. Join him and his friends on a journey throughout the land!

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Whether you are looking for a design to license or a thoughtful gift for a loved one, Zoey's artwork is sure to delight and enchant. So go ahead, click that button, and immerse yourself in the magic of her art.

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