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My name is Zoey Vegas, I am an illustrator/cartoonist. I worked as a graphic designer for over 30 years. Now retired due to a form of MS (NMO) I work on my art as much as I can... Keep chasing your dreams, no matter what!

Never give up!

I guess I was destined to become an artist. My earliest influences were my father, who was an artist. I remember always looking through his art books. Walt Disney and Charles Schultz were also big influences on me. 

I wanted to work with Charles Schultz. Growing up, I watched many animated Disney features and collected Peanuts books. In school I drew Snoopy all over my friend's and my folders.  I started drawing when I was very young and my love for it continued.

My art is cute and whimsical, my inspiration comes from wanting to make art for children and wanting to make people happy and smile.  I want to use my art in any way to help children and animals.

I enjoy creating art for others. I would like to license my art on products so that it can be seen by many - and hopefully bring a smile to people's faces!

We need more smiles!

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